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Downingtown Balvihar has a well organized structure comprised of different teams working together for smooth delivery of education, execution of operations and various events. These individuals are all dedicated volunteers.

The Organization consists of:

Board of Trustees -

The board of trustees provides overall oversight and guidance for the organization. The board of trustees also functions in the advisory capacity to provide future direction and support for the Balvihar's executive team.

Current Board Members:

Sameer Jadhav

Amit Raol

Anand Shah

Sejal Kapadia

Executive Team -

The executive team led by the General Secretary is responsible for the day to day operations of Balvihar. The General Secretary is elected by Balviahr members and appoints the rest of th members of the executive team. The executive teams members are

General Secretary - Overall responsible for day to day balvihar operations.

Education Secretary - oversees the class room functions, curriculum, student communication.

Events Secretary - Responsible for planning and execution of all events.

Treasurer - Oversees all operational details of financial transactions, prepares budget, and handles treasury functions. Treasurer is also responsible for fundraising activities.

Communications Secretary- Responsible for parent communication, emails, publishing year book,photos, oversees website activities.

Volunteers Coordinator - Responsible for recruiting volunteers for teaching activities, events etc.

General Administration - Responsible for facilities managements, registration, event ticketing etc.

Current Executive Team: 

Charu Miglani (General Secretary)

Preet Rawat , Sama Tuladhar(Communication)

Anupama Anne, Pratibha Srivastava (Education Secretaries)

Shikha Kaushal, Rohit Srivastava (Events)

Shishir Kamboj (General Administration and Operations)

Chirag Modi (Treasury - Revenue & Taxes)



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